Max-A-Mart, Point & Greenville, Texas

Taylor Fletcher

Max Fletcher

DB’s Sports Grill & Bar, Greenville, Texas

Brad Sheehan

Darren Brown

Chad Morrison

Andrew Ormsby Catering

Patti Wilson-Wimberly

Paula & Jerry Card

The North Texas Daily, Denton, Texas

Jackie and Carol Tanner

Pat Gonzalez

The 33-KDAF-TV, Dallas, Texas

The Texas Film Commission

Greenville Police Department, Greenville, Texas

William M. Humphries

Claudia and Judy Humphries

Leah Curtis

Scott, Money & Ray, PLLC, Greenville, Texas

All employees at the Hunt County Court House, Greenville, Texas

Soulman’s Barbeque, Greenville, Texas

Peddler’s Pizza, Greenville Texas

The Denton Record Chronicle

Greenville High School

Omar Milano

Austin Forsyth

Rains County Sheriff’s Department

Brad Kellar

Franconia Brewing Company, LLC

Nick-N-Willys Pizza

Michael Valentino

Hildegard Mullins

Lisa D’Alessandro

Kate Walters

William Marrinson

Lawrence A. Maddox

Kim Hamberg

John Myrick

Liam Harty

Joseph Ahern

Ashley Korman

Mark Durrett

Steve Wright

Shana Stein

Alan Estrin

Sweetie’s Donuts, Greenville, Texas

Rosemary & Jim Woodruff

Ronnie Gilley, Pilot, Rockwall, Texas

Hunt Regional Medial Center, Greenville, Texas

Mile Klepin

Rich Carter

Alice Reese

Webb Hill Country Club, Wolfe City, Teas

Charles & Shirley Ranly

Gary Cogill

Wolfe City Volunteer Fire Department, Wolfe City, Texas

Wolfe City Police Department, Wolfe City, Texas

Chief Jimmy Doolin
MLD Equipment Rentals, Dallas, Texas

Texas Department of Public Safety

McGaughey’s Medicine Chest, Greenville, Texas

MPS Studios, Dallas, Texas

Cory Taylor, Photographer, Greenville, Texas

Texas A & M Commerce, Commerce, Texas

Donna Spinotta

Commerce Police Department, Commerce, Texas

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas

The University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Hunt County Sheriff’s Department

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