Timothy Brennen (Bill Howard)

Timothy Brennen originally trained to be a modern dancer. He had a scholarship with The Nancy Spanier Dance Theater in Boulder Colorado before a knee injury ended his career. He was introduced to improvisational comedy while attending a workshop at a club in Denver and began taking classes there. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to join a comedy troupe called Head Games, which he would later go on to direct. While performing weekly shows in Boulder and Denver, he signed with his first agent. He also started studying acting at Bill Howey’s studio, while regularly booking local and regional commercials as an on-camera and voice over talent. At Howey’s prompting, he moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and began taking classes at the Groundlings Theater. While moving up through the Groundlings’ school, he also studied regularly at Improv-Olympic West and The Second City. In 2001, he was promoted to the Groundlings’ Sunday Company. Here he honed his comedic writing and acting skills for the next year and a half, performing sketch and improv every Sunday night. In 2003 he was voted into the Groundlings’ main company. He then reconnected with Howey, who had moved his studios to LA, and took up scene -study with him over the next decade. During that time, he has worked steadily in both comedic and dramatic roles and in numerous national commercials. Brennen wrote and acted in fifteen main company shows and countless imrpov performances in his twelve year career at the Groundlings. He has also been a go-to for sketches on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, making over 25 appearances. In 2016 he gave up his spot at The Groundlings and relocated to Chicago.


Connor Capetillo (Jay Randall)

Connor makes his film debut in Technically Crazy.  Despite this being his first film project he has great knowledge and experience acting and in the study of the craft. He recently graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas where most of his extracurricular time was spent in their theatre program.   During this time he starred in a collection of parody plays such as Argumentation Clinic.  In his senior year Connor jiggled his fingers and took a shot at writing and directing and, by george, did he enjoy it.   Beyond high school, his training includes four years at Class Act Dallas, an on-camera acting studio, The Extra Mile Seminar led by Glen Morshower and various other acting and improvisational workshops.  After wrapping on Technically Crazy Connor has acted in several commercials and a quite funny anti-smoking PSA where he does some fancy footwork. He will soon make the big move to college as he received a scholarship to the University of Southern California School of Theatre.   He is looking forward to his move to the west coast where he can continue to focus on film and theatre.  Some day he hopes to achieve his life goal of owning his own pineapple farm.


Sylvia Pilawa (Becky)

Sylvia may own the most unusual path to Technically Crazy.   She is a first generation American born to Polish immigrants which makes it less surprising to learn that she is fluent in Polish.   Her high school activities included cheerleading, track and field and the study of fashion which supports her love of entertaining in all forms: acting, singing and dancing.  She has been performing as long as she can remember.  In 2009 Sylvia moved from her hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey to Los Angeles to follow her passion to entertain.  One of her first casting calls was for Technically Crazy where she charmed producers with her easy going attitude and subtle but rich performance.  She was subsequently asked to join the production in Greenville where she fell in love with Texas.   Sylvia recently joined the youth movement and entertainment group Uneequability. It allows her the freedom to entertain on multiple platforms and promote a “nothing is impossible, dream big” message.


Andrea Farnham (Margie)

Andrea’s mother claims she was born singing, dancing and acting.   As you get to know her it becomes apparent that may be more fact than lore. Growing up in the Dallas suburb of Plano she won the UIL One-Act-Play Best Actress Award three times.  Her resume of productions is exhaustive covering everything from classic Shakespeare to modern and avante garde material.  Somewhere along the way Andrea found a deep rooted passion to pass on her love of the arts, to work to inspire and educate young people.  For the past four years she has worked as a theatre teacher in a large high school where her mission is to teach students the importance of observing human behavior both through performance and literature.  This requires an advanced ability to produce and direct plays as she was responsible for 15 seperate productions in a three year span.  Andrea has a Bachelor of Art and Performance degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and is certified in Secondary Theatre Arts for the State of Texas.  She says “it’s thrilling to perform but when you teach so many kids to work together something magnificent happens in your heart.” Her greatest production is her 8 year old daughter Skylar.


Wilbur Penn (Dr. Forest)

Mr. Penn has been acting professionally since 2001 in film, television, theater, radio, digital media, print and live events.  He has performed in lead and supporting roles for numerous film productions including A Scanner Darkly, directed by Steven Soderburg, where he played a scene opposite Keanu Reeves, A Race Against Time: The Sharla Butler Story, In Kind, Beneath the Darkness, HulaHold, Esther’s Diary, Catalyst, Lee, Elvis and Anabelle, GDMF, Breakdown, The Art of the Heist , Youngster, The Promise, A Piece of Sky, The Least of These and Summer Job.   His television credits are many with Friday Night Lights, Umbra, The Chucks, American Candidate, Spinopoly, $5.15/hour and Black Box .  Mr. Penn loves performing in classical and contemporary theater and his experience covers three major award-winning musicals.  He has appeared in many national and regional television and radio commercials.  Based in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Penn is also a musician who plays trumpet and loves jazz.  He is represented in Dallas by the Kim Dawson Agency.  In an unusual coincidence, Wilbur’s wife happened to attend high school with Technically Crazy Production Designer Shannon Kelly in Greenville, Texas.


Richard Jackson (Lewis)

Richard Jackson is a native Texan residing on 60 acres in Hunt County, Texas, with his wife, 7 cats, and 2 dogs.  He has been acting for 20 years in film, TV, commercials, and theater, with his most notable role as the chicken farmer in No Country for Old Men.  His credits include The Man Who Came Back, The Anarchist Cookbook, Walker, Texas Ranger, and Friday Night Lights. The indie film Back At The Ranch was a very special project.  He graduated from KD Studio Actors Conservatory of the Southwest in January 1994, and is represented by Linda McAlister Talent.


Brian Capshaw (David)

Brian Capshaw began his career in movies and television behind the camera, working as a character animator.  He parlayed a small voice part in the oscar-nominated film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, into an acting career.  Since filming Technically Crazy, Brian has appeared in the NBC show Chase, in front of the Sam Houston statue in a TXU commercial, and in the recently lensed independent film Cowgirls n’ Angels.  His latest project is a live musical act inspired by the music of Roger Miller and the comedy of Andy Kaufman. Check out a fun sampling of Brian’s vocal characters on the “I Gotta Hear This” section of his website.  He is represented by the Kim Dawson Agency.


Jake Woodruff (Dustin)

Jake is an 8th grader at Caddo Mills Middle School where he loves to ham it up as the Foxes’ mascot.  He performed in the UIL One-Act-Play where he was an honorable mention all-star cast member in 2009.  He is a member of the National Junior Beta Club and has participated in the talented and gifted program since he began kindergarten.  Jake’s audition for Technically Crazy was something truly special to the producers.  In his first professional audition, Jake was off book (didn’t need a script to read) from the start and even had sound effects prepared for his dramatic scenes.  His interpretation of the material from the little he had read was magical and when he left the room everyone just looked at each other and smiled, we knew we had found our Dustin.  Jake is the personification of a Texas gentleman, charming, fun and a joy to be around.  At his young age he has shown talent, determination and commitment beyond his years.  We were very happy to to have found him… or rather, for Jake to have found us.



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